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Working group

International Economic Law and Policy Working Group

The International Economic Law and Policy Working Group (IELP WG) is a researcher-led, interdisciplinary initiative bringing together scholars that share an interest in the multifaceted world of international trade and investment law as well as economic integration and governance. As indicated by the name of the Working Group, we offer a forum to discuss not only economic law in the strict sense, but also interdisciplinary analyses of trade and investment policy. Being based at the European University Institute, we have a distinct, though not exclusive, focus on the European Union in the world.

Questions surrounding international economic law and policy are quickly evolving. In the past years, we witnessed the increased scrutiny of dispute settlement mechanisms in bilateral trade and investment agreements as well as in the WTO. The aftermath of the global financial crisis marked the beginning of a reassessment of global financial regulations. Furthermore, the potential role of trade agreements in the advancement of non-trade issues, such as human rights, labor rights and environmental protection, is also gaining momentum. All the while, the transition from a world based on a multilateral order to a division in regional blocs continues. These trends are but the tip of the iceberg as to what is to come for international economic law in a time of shifting power balances around the world that lead to the re-contestation of the traditional rules of the game.

Therefore, the IELP WG is dedicated to an open atmosphere that welcomes speakers and discussants with diverse backgrounds and original approaches to international economic law and policy. Practically, the Working Group offers a range of activities including workshops, conferences and guest lectures as well as a platform for researchers from and outside the EUI to present and discuss their work with peers.

The IELP WG benefits from the generous support of Prof. Joanne Scott and Prof. Sergio Puig. We continue the work of the former International Trade and Investment Law Working Group, building upon the efforts of our predecessor coordinators.

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