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Working group

Interviewing and Oral History Working Group

The Interviewing and Oral History Working Group aims to provide a researcher led platform on which to discuss any and all methodological queries that come up in research based on interviewing. We plan to discuss concrete issues such as the theory behind different interviewing methods/styles and how they translate into practice. More specifically themes may include, but are not limited to, starting an interview project, doing interviews, processing interviews, using interviews in independent research (analytical and writing processes), videotaping, preserving interviews in libraries and archives, and teaching and presenting the material to the public.

Likewise, this group will act as a place where researchers can present their own work and receive feedback, as well as occasionally invite guest speakers for discussion on themes we find interesting as a collective.

Most importantly this is an inter-disciplinary working group, for researchers from all departments, as we believe cross-disciplinary discussion on interviewing can only provide us with advantages, leading to a more refined and complex take on the interviewing process.

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