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Working group

Legal and Political Theory Working Group

Founded in 2002, the Legal and Political Theory Working Group provides a friendly platform for academics and PhD researchers to discuss and enhance their theoretical work. It fosters openness and bridges gaps between academic traditions and EUI departments.

The Legal and Political Theory Working Group was founded in 2002 when a few researchers met to discuss their papers. Its aim is to provide both established academics and PhD researchers an opportunity to discuss and improve their theoretically-oriented work within a friendly yet academically rigorous setting. A typical session lasts two hours and consists of a short (20/30 minute) presentation by the speaker followed by discussion. One of the working group’s most cherished traits is its openness; we are proud to have been the hub of theoretically-minded people at the EUI for so many years and to have successfully bridged the cleavages between EUI’s departments and academic traditions.

Hence, if your work deals with any strand of legal or political theory, or simply think that your research will benefit from theoretical insights, do get in touch at [email protected].


Events in Academic Year 2022-2023

Events in Academic Year 2021-2022


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