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Working group

Migration and Mobility Working Group

Migration and mobility are quintessential aspects of the human condition. This working group seeks to bring together historians who are investigating the movements of people, objects, and ideas across the globe. Our goal is to unearth the diverse range of reasons which have motivated humans to travel over any given geographical distance throughout history. For example, these cases encompass intellectuals, workers of all ethnicities, forced migrants, and displaced people, cross-cultural mobilities that were relevant to the circulation of political ideas and practices. We also strive to untangle the complex networks of exchange which were formed by mobility and can be found in all aspects of human culture: be it in trade, art, literature, music – or even in our daily food. Finally, the working group will be interested in how mobility was conceptualized in society, and ask how fears, hopes, and ideas about movements shaped and influenced political decision-making. Overall, we ask: how can mobility be seen as a driver of historical change?

One of the main purposes of the group is to invite resident and visiting researchers alike, and to serve as an open platform where anyone can freely share novel approaches, individual projects or thought-provoking ideas related to migration and mobility in any shape or form.

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