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PBC - Political Behaviour Colloquium

The Political Behaviour Colloquium was founded in October 2007 and was initially sponsored by Prof. Mark Franklin, and thereafter by Prof. Alexander Trechsel and Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi. Now the colloquium is sponsored by Prof. Elias Dinas. The idea of the colloquium is to offer researchers and fellows interested in political behaviour a platform to discuss their work.

We conceive political behaviour as broadly as you can imagine. So, our interests cover a very extensive field in political science that ranges from the foundations of attitudes towards leaders, governments, or democracy; to the process of voting decisions and the consequences of political participation. Empirically driven comparative analyses and case studies are welcomed, and they can focus on the global, European, national or regional level. We particularly favour innovation in research design, the use of mixed methods, causal inference and theory-development approaches. We open at least two calls during the year: in September and December. However, we also accept proposals all over the year and sometimes organize specific methodological workshops or talks by senior scholars.

All EUI members (faculty, researchers, fellows, visiting fellows...) are very welcome to attend. We are also open to an external audience under petition. We announce the calendar at the beginning of each term to the members of our mailing list. The schedule is also added to this webpage. Please contact the convenors of the Colloquium, Madiha Z Sadiq & Max Bradley (politicalbehaviour.colloquium[at], to be added to the mailing list and receive all the information.

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