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Working group

Private Law Working Group

The Private Law Working Group has been established with the aim of providing a forum for researchers willing to present and discuss their work. It attempts to facilitate an open discussion about the recent developments in private law, with particular emphasis on European private law. For the purposes of the working group, private law is understood in a broad sense including property, contract and tort law, consumer protection law, unfair commercial practices, intellectual property law and commercial law, private law international law, as well as general theory of private law and the relationship between private law and regulated markets. The hope is that the discussions of the working group will contribute to a greater understanding of private law and its role in the contemporary society. In order to meet this goal, the working group will organise the series of presentations by both PhD researchers and established academics, guests lectures and workshops.

If you are interested in private law and/or you would like to present your research in the framework of the Private Law Working Group, do get in touch at [email protected]

The current conveners of the working group are Grigoris Bacharis, Victoria Garin Gimenéz, Szymon Osmola and Carolina Paulesu.

The group is grateful for the support of Prof. Martijn Hesselink.

Past Events

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