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Working group

Public History Working Group

The Public History Working Group aims to be a platform for researchers interested in the transmission, creation, and development of historical knowledge outside of academia.

While the term ‘Public History’ remains difficult to define, it might primarily be regarded as a practice. Public historians work with and for people outside of the profession through collaborative studies or through practices of history that make historical research accessible and useful to the public. More widely, public history is a way for historians to reflect on their field.

One of the purposes of this Working Group is to encourage researchers to work with different agents, audiences, and publics all around - from their hometowns to the city where the EUI is based, Florence. Therefore, this WG will likely address and develop projects of memory, history, and social impacts in the city, focusing on museums, art, and the political uses of history and heritage. 


Faculty liaison: Giorgio Riello

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