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Working group

Qualifie - Qualitative and Fieldwork Working Group

Who we are

The Qualitative and Fieldwork Working Group is a knowledge exchange and community hub for researchers, fellows and faculty members with an interest in fieldwork, ethnography, interviewing and qualitative methodology more broadly. We are part of the Social and Political Science Department at the European University Institute in Florence.

The group serves as a space to train and discuss different aspects of fieldwork as well as to learn from each other’s experiences and practices. We understand fieldwork as all data-collection outside the university: scholars across all career stages employing everything from ethnography to elite interviewing and archival research are most welcome to join the group and contribute to its conduct.


What we do

Given the EUI’s limited offerings of courses on qualitative methods generally, and fieldwork particularly, this working group understands itself as a student-led training and learning initiative.

The Qualitative and Fieldwork Working Group is designed as a reading and discussion group as well as a networking forum for anyone interested in implementing qualitative methodology. We aim to offer an institutionalised platform for critical engagement with a variety of qualitative research methods and theories.

Meeting every three weeks for a maximum of two hours, we will debate readings on a specific topic, sometimes accompanied by presentations by experienced internal or external scholars. On top of the regular meetings, the group is open to inputs by its members with activities ranging from practicing participant observation to receiving feedback on their research.

Additionally, we do provide a researcher database of EUI affiliates conducting qualitative fieldwork (see the list below). Researchers might consult it to find like-minded scholars for advice or support.

To visit the dedicated website for the Qualifie WG, please click here.


Contact us

The Qualitative and Fieldwork Working Group is organised by Wolfgang Minatti, Mariusz Bogacki, and Ophelia Nicole-Berva. It is sponsored by Professor Jeffrey Checkel and Professor Caitlin Procter.

If you want to be included in the mailing list or have suggestions and ideas for the group, please contact either Wolfgang, Mariusz or Ophelia.

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