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Working group

Qualifie - Qualitative and Fieldwork Working Group

The Qualitative and Fieldwork Working Group (Qualifie) is a knowledge exchange and community hub for researchers, fellows and faculty members with an interest in fieldwork, ethnography, interviewing and qualitative methodology more broadly. We are part of the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence.

Qualifie understands itself as a student-led training and learning initiative. It is designed as a reading and discussion group as well as a networking forum for anyone interested in implementing qualitative methodology. 

The Qualitative and Fieldwork Working Group is organised by Mariusz Bogacki, Wolfgang Minatti, Ophelia Nicole-Berva and Juliette Saetre. It is sponsored by Professor Jeffrey Checkel.

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Upcoming Events

26 October 2022 | 4pm-5:30pm | via Zoom
Fieldwork, Activism and Research with Prof. Alexander Koensler (University of Perugia)

28 November 2022 | 2pm-3:30pm | via Zoom
Conceptualising the Field: The Implications and Practicalities of Multi-Sited Research Designs with Prof Lothar Smith (Radboud University)

7 December 2022 | 4pm-5:30pm | via Zoom
Institutional Pressure and Self-Care during Fieldwork: Of Bubble Baths and being Indiana Jones with Prof. Laura Routley (Newcastle University) and Dr. Anne-Kathrin Kreft (University of Oslo)


Past Events

(from January 2021 through May 2022)


Selected Seminar Videos

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