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Research project

POWEREG - Regulating Power in Norway: Decentralization or Centralization?

The background for this project is an emerging international trend towards more decentralized electricity system management. We see local grid companies increasingly taking a more active role in planning and managing local grid constraints. This includes more and better surveillance of the grid, new investments, and involvement of consumers and other stakeholders in production of electricity and management of demand.

We investigate to what extent this international trend has seen its parallel in Norway and Sweden, the latter as contrasting case.

We map the extent of decentralized management and the roles played by local grid companies in promoting consumer involvement.

We next investigate what role national regulations have played in promoting local grid management and provide explanations to why regulations have evolved as they have done.

We finally discuss benefits and drawbacks of various options for future grid management in Norway in terms of political, economic and technological feasibility.

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