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Research project

Supply Chains in Developing Countries: What is Next in the Agenda

This project has been funded via the EUI-IHEID joint call 2023.

The participation of firms and individuals in global supply chains has lifted millions out of poverty. Recent research identifies multiple channels through which supply chain participation can be a conduit for growth and development: the upward pressure in wages in exporting sectors, the facilitation of knowledge sharing and upgrading, the improvement of working conditions and sustainability standards, among others. Yet, recent events, ranging from the pandemic to a renewed protectionist wave driven in part by geopolitical forces, have put global supply chains under great strain. Understanding the implications of and lessons from these challenges for developing countries is crucial for continuing to leverage trade for development.

Against this backdrop, the project identifies the need for regrouping on a discussion on what is next in the agenda for supply chains and development. In this project, EUI and the Graduate Institute, bring together leading academics in the fields of international trade and development, as well as policy makers to contribute to advancing an answer to this question, with a specific focus on the role of market frictions and constraints specific to developing countries.

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