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Research project

Syria Peace Initiative II - Syrian Trajectories: Challenges and opportunities for peacebuilding.

The Syrian Trajectories: Challenges and Opportunities for Peacebuilding project is funded by the European Union and Germany as part of the Syria Peace Initiative implemented by the GIZ. The project aims to generate original and essential knowledge, as well as informed analysis rationally congruent with emerging challenges to peace and post-conflict recovery in Syria to support programmatic, operational, and strategic decision-making.

Using filed-based research undertaken mostly by Syrian academics, researchers and analysts, the project deliberates on themes that emanate from the unsteady but deadlocked military stalemate that emerged in Syria. This includes, but not limited to, control and power dynamics in areas controlled by the Syrian regime, active rebels, and de facto authorities, institutional features and functions, state elites and informal power structures, underlying causes of violence and instability, and the role played by local and external actors to contribute to the fulfilment of basic needs in areas of limited statehood.

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