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Research project

The adoption of a Circular Economy in the Construction Sector: a comparative study between Europe and the USA

The basis of the project is the environmental crisis, specifically the exhaustion of natural resources and the abundance of waste. These problems are caused by our capitalist system that incessantly pursues economic growth while following a linear model of resource-consumption. In the 70’s, criticisms emerged to this orthodox model of economic growth, voiced by Georgescu-Roegen, Herman Daly, or Schumacher, amongst others. From these, one concept has been gaining increased importance: the circular economy.

According to the circular economy, it is possible to decouple economic growth from environmental pressures, by maintain products, materials, and resources in the economy for as long as possible. This concept has a very interesting approach, to the extent that instead of defending an alternative model to growth, it claims that it is possible to pursue growth while, at the same time, being sustainable. At this point, some questions emerge: can a circular economy be effectively implemented? And if yes, what is the role that regulation might have in such a transition?

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