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The Muslim World Working Group

This working group is part of the Middle East Directions Programme, directed by Professor Olivier Roy, .

In the continuity of the activities organised in the previous years by the Middle East Working Group, the Working Group on the Muslim World aims to provide a space for discussion and debate on issues related not only to the Middle East region, but to the broader Muslim World in its diversity and complexity. This means addressing topics as diverse as political transition and military conflicts in the MENA region, transnational jihadism, Muslim communities in the West and religious politics in South-East Asia.

The Group promotes an interdisciplinary approach and welcomes any EUI member whose research relates to Islam and the Muslim World across departments and disciplines. We particularly encourage doctoral students and fellows to present their work and join us for the discussion. The Working Group will also coordinate its activities with the Middle East Directions Programme. To be added to the mailing list or require further information, please send an email to [email protected]. The team: Alaa Badr (SPS), Théo Blanc (SPS), Inès Bolaños (SPS), Mathilde Zederman (RSC), Margot Dazey (SPS, MWF) and Olivier Roy (RSC).

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