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Alumni Frequently Asked Questions


Upon request EUI Alumni are entitled to:

  • EUI alumni email account as specified under point 2.
  • On-site access to the EUI Library during regular opening hours and borrowing rights. Due to copyright laws, alumni cannot have remote access to online academic journals and other paid-for (pay-walled) resources; they may use them only while they are physically on campus.

Upon request, former EUI researchers, fellows, professors and staff are entitled to receive one of the following EUI account, according to their affiliation:

  • @alumni.eui.eu for former EUI researchers who have been awarded a PhD or LLM
  • @alumnifellows.eui.eu for former EUI Fellows including Max Weber Fellows, STG Policy Leader Fellows, Marie Curie Fellows, Jean Monnet Fellows
  • @former.eui.eu for former EUI staff members, professors (who do not fall under the above categories), as well as PhD, LLM researchers or fellows at the EUI for less than an entire academic year.

In order to get an alumni email account you just have to fill the online subscription form.

Only current EUI researchers and members of staff can have an @eui.eu account. However, emails sent to your @eui.eu account will be automatically delivered to the new address, and you will be able to keep the existing inbox and archived folders from your original @eui.eu account.

No, all e-mails stored in your @eui.eu account will be automatically transferred to the new alumni account when you request it, even if your access to that account has expired. If at present you are a member of the EUI Alumni Association, you may continue to use the email @eui.eu until your subscription expires. Afterwards, you will be entitled to an @alumni.eui.eu account at no charge by filling in the online subscription form. All old e-mails will be automatically available in your @alumni.eui account.

If you have requested a new account, all incoming emails to the former @eui.eu account will be redirected to the new alumni account.

Under the new alumni policy, your library card and access rights will remain active for six months after your defence.

If you are an alumna/us visiting the EUI, you may request access to the Library by submitting a request from your @alumni.eui.eu account. You will receive a barcode allowing you to get into the library during regular opening hours.

As an alumna/us, you will have access to all collections and online resources on campus, while you are physically in the Library.  Due to copyright laws and publishers’ agreements, alumni may not remotely access online academic journals and other paid-for (pay-walled) resources from home or elsewhere, which has always been the case and is a limitation of university libraries everywhere.

Page last updated on 20 July 2018