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Data Security Officer

Within the ICT Service a Data Security Officer is appointed with the mandate of ensuring levels of security appropriate to the risks presented.  

In particular, he/she performs the following functions:

  • Safeguarding the security of information system at the EUI;
  • Setting set EUI's security policies and controls and to take appropriate technical and organisational measures for its implementation.

The EUI's President appointed Laura Biagiotti as Data Security Officer for a term of three years starting from 1 March 2018.

The term of office of Ms. Laura Biagiotti, member of the ICT Service, as appointed Data Security Officer of the EUI is renewed for an additional three-years term starting from 5 March 2024. Her term of office is renewable.



Data Security Officer ([email protected] mail account)

Report phishing to [email protected]

Report abuse and malware to [email protected]

Page last updated on 07 March 2024

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