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Health and Accident Insurance for Researchers and Fellows

Medical and accident insurance matters for researchers and post-doctorate fellows are dealt with by the EUI Academic Service.

This page gives researchers, postdocs (Max Weber, Jean Monnet, Fernand Braudel fellows) and all EUI members general information on the medical and accident insurance schemes run by the EUI.


Accident Insurance

The Accident Insurance is an additional, collective policy that the Institute has taken out with Cigna Life Insurance Company NV/Cigna International Health Services BVBA (Policy Nr. 910.K88).

The following EUI active members are, by default, covered world-wide against the risks of accident:

  • Ph.D. or LL.M researchers;
  • Post-doc fellows;
  • Trainees;
  • Visiting researchers;
  • Visitors;
  • Children at the day childcare center of the EUI.

The dependents of the EUI’s active members are NOT eligible for this accident insurance cover. They are advised to take out accident insurance coverage either in Italy or in their country of origin that will be valid for the entire duration of their stay in Italy.

In case of accident, there is a 60-day deadline from the date of the accident within which to complete the Declaration of Accident form and sent it to [email protected], with all relevant documentation issued by the Emergency Service.

Please also notify the Academic Service by sending an email to [email protected]

Emergency Hospital Care

European Union citizens in possession of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC in English, or TEAM in Italian) are entitled to receive emergency hospital care paying just a contribution to the Italian National Health Service (NHS), instead of paying the costs in full. The amount of such contribution is calculated according to the severity code assigned by the Emergency Department upon admission. The costs not paid by you are charged to the NHS of your country of origin.

Special agreements with the Italian NHS, providing rights similar to those guaranteed by the EHIC, also exist in some non-EU countries. Non-EU citizens should check if such an agreement exists in their country of origin, and if this is the case, they may ask a certificate of entitlement before coming to Italy. This document will entitle them to receive emergency hospital care under the same conditions as EHIC-holders (see above).

Foreign citizens without EHIC or certificate of entitlement have to pay in full the hospital emergency cares, unless they prove to be under the poverty line and to be in need of urgent and necessary care.

Health Insurance Options

All researchers and post-doctorate fellows must have adequate medical insurance for the duration of their stay at the EUI.

New EUI members who are already covered by a private or state/national insurance will be informed upon registration whether the insurance scheme is adequate in Italy. If it is, they are requested to sign a declaration form.

For anyone who is not already covered by a national or private insurance scheme, there are the following options:

  • Cigna

The EUI has taken out a group medical insurance policy with Cigna to which the following EUI active members are eligible to register:

  • Ph.D. or LL.M researchers;
  • Visiting researchers;
  • Post-doc fellows;
  • Part-time professors;
  • Trainees;
  • Dependents of the aforementioned members of the Policyholder’s community and dependents of the Policyholder’s statutory members that are not eligible for JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of the European Institutions) or for an equivalent other insurance cover provided by the funding authorities.

Researchers in receipt of grants from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom are insured against sickness via this group medical policy at the expense of their grant-awarding authority.

For more information, please visit the Cigna Medical Health Insurance page.


  • Registration to the Italian NHS

1) Subscription through the E106 or S1 model

The E106 model (also called S1 in some countries) is a document which entitles you to directly subscribe - free of charge - to the local NHS branch. It can be issued by the public health service in your country of origin under certain conditions, for example if you have an active job contract there. This normally applies to all the EU member states. Beyond the EU, quite a lot of countries also have bilateral health insurance arrangements with Italy. We recommend you to consult your employer, and/or the public health service in your country of origin to see if you are eligible for this type of healthcare coverage. To register as a E106 (or S1) holder, it is not necessary to be officially resident in Italy.

E106 (or S1) holders can register as follows:

  • By email, sending a scanned copy of their E106 (or S1) model to [email protected]
  • By handing their original E106 (or S1) model in any Local NHS office (we recommend the office at Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 29 - Firenze - Tel. 055 6934901).

For further details, please consult the information webpage for foreign citizens of the Florence branch of the NHS (only in Italian).

Should you need any assistance please contact Academic Service.

2) Subscription with voluntary contribution:

Important Notes:

  • Before undertaking this kind of enrollment to the NHS, please contact the Academic Service to verify your eligibility and for instructions on how to proceed.
  • The right to health care starts from the day of registration, has the duration of a calendar year (January – December), is not divisible and has no retroactive effect.

aForeign citizens temporary living in Italy for study purposes, without dependents, and funded by a maintenance grant (*), are entitled to subscribe to the Italian National Health Service paying a voluntary contribution, i.e. a flat rate currently fixed at 149,77 EUR per calendar year. Under this special regulation (applying to students only), it is not required to be officially resident in Italy. Non-EU citizens shall submit a copy of their Permit of Stay (or the relevant receipt proving that they have applied for it). If the student is accompanied by his/her dependents (unemployed spouse and/or dependent children under the age of 18), the whole family unit can subscribe to the Italian NHS paying an overall contribution of  387,34  EUR per calendar year. 

To register, the following documents are required:

  • Copy of national ID or passport
  • For non-EU citizens only: copy of your Permit of Stay (or relevant receipt proving that you have applied for it) or Special ID Card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Certificate of assignment of the tax code, issued by the Tax Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate).
  • Ad-hoc EUI certificate in Italian proving your enrolment as “student” (to be issued by Academic Service upon request)
  • Proof of the payment of the voluntary contribution
  • Registration form (PDF).

The above set of documents shall be sent by email to [email protected]. For further instructions and assistance on how to submit your documents, please contact Academic Service

(*) Students who have subscribed a work contract with their national funding authorities, and therefore receive a salary rather than a grant, do not fall under this regulation. Before applying to the Italian NHS or any other insurance scheme, they should ask the respective employers about their health insurance coverage in Italy (see above: Subscription through the E106 or S1 model)

b. In other cases not falling under the above regulation, it is also possible to register to the Italian NHS paying a voluntary contribution which is calculated on a percentage of income, and cannot be less than Euro 387,34. The payment of the contribution also covers dependents. In this case, it is necessary to be officially resident in Italy. To subscribe under this regulation, EU citizens need to be officially resident in Italy (i.e. having their residence registered at the local Town Hall office - Anagrafe), while for non-EU citizens it is sufficient to be in possession (or to have applied for) a Permit of Stay. 

To register, the following documents are required:

The above set of documents shall be sent by email to [email protected]. For further instructions and assistance on how to submit your documents, please contact Academic Service

Travel and Medical Insurance for Short-term Visitors to the EUI

According to the European Council Decision of 22 December 2003 regarding the requirement to be in possession of travel medical insurance when applying for a short-term or travel visa, ‘applicants must show that they are in possession of adequate and valid individual or group travel insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment’.

To facilitate short-term Visitors (i.e. visiting the EUI for a few days), the EUI provides an Accident Insurance taken up with the Cigna Company.

For further information please contact [email protected]

USA Complementary Cover

Researchers and fellows going in the USA for a temporary stay due to academic or professional reasons, and who are under the group insurance contract CIGNA 910.K62, can apply –at their own expense- for a Complementary cover under the policy AIG TRAVEL GUARD 9601421.

To subscribe, please contact Cigna directly via [email protected]

Upon receipt of a request for subscription, Cigna will provide you with the policy conditions and an affiliation form. Once Cigna receives the duly completed affiliation form, you will receive a premium request by e-mail and will be subscribed to the policy.


Page last updated on 05 September 2018