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The Court of Justice in the Archives

The archives of the Court of Justice were opened in the HAEU at the EUI in December 2015. This project builds on the recent interesting historical and sociological turns in EU law and Court of Justice-focused scholarship to propose steps to build broad foundations to bring these archives to life.

The project hypothesis is that EU legal scholars, legal historians and sociologists can productively approach these central new archival sources together to fully appreciate and exploit the extensive material found in the dossiers de procédure of the Court of Justice. Through analysis of a justified selection of cases this project will address two core questions:

  1. How can we best demonstrate and evaluate the potential of the Court of Justice archives from a range of disciplinary perspectives (legal history, sociology of European law, EU law)?
  2. How can we convey and consider the specificities of this archival holding? 

Project Directors: Marise Cremona, Claire Kilpatrick, Dieter Schlenker, and Joanne Scott.

(2019-2020, funded by the EUI Research Council)



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