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The Academy of European Law coordinates several research projects, and organises conferences, workshops and symposia. 

ShaPE project

The ShaPE project will examine the role social partners have played in treaty-making and law-making for social Europe. The project is led by Professor Claire Kilpatrick, co-Director of the Academy of European Law.

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The Court of Justice in the Archives

The archives of the Court of Justice were opened in the Historical Archives of the EU in December 2015. Analysing a selection of cases, this project demonstrates how and why the archives are worthy of the attention of a wide range of scholars.

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The Cambridge History of Rights

The project will result in a 5-volume series, published by CUP, exploring the history of 'rights' from the ancient world to the modern. The Cambridge History of Rights project will be the first systematic attempt to do this. 

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Equality Law in Europe: A New Generation

The project, started in 2016, seeks to give researchers and the general public insights, tools and ideas about how to analyse and concretely use contemporary equality law, by using a comprehensive database of CJEU discrimination cases (1970-2018).

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Page last updated on 24/06/2024

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