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Cultural Heritage Law and Policy Series

Series Editors: Francesco Francioni, Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Academy of European Law, European University Institute, and Ana Vrdoljak, Professor of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney.

This new series aims to publish original research on and scholarly analysis of all aspects of cultural heritage law through the lens of international law, private international law, and comparative law. The series is wide in scope, traversing disciplines, regions, and viewpoints.

Recent history shows that successive generations have been preoccupied with the preservation of cultural heritage in the face of threat and, all too often, disappearance. Today, the complexity and range of causes driving such losses are typified by the bombing of the historic city of Aleppo to the destruction of manuscripts and mausoleums in Timbuktu, the ongoing extinction of languages from Oceania to Europe, or the looting of archaeological sites in the Mediterranean region, Latin America or Asia. The manifestations of cultural heritage and their diversity which are under threat today have existed for hundreds of years, if not millennia. The last decades have heralded a renewed urgency and concerted push from the local through to the international levels to address these issues through law and public policy.

This book series seeks to advance scholarship in this important field and to expose growing ramifications of cultural heritage law into other fields of international law, such as human rights, humanitarian law and international economic law. At the same time, it is the hope of the Editors that it will also have a significant bearing on policy and lawmaking, and current public discourse on the interaction between art, heritage, and the law.

Books in this series

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