Pieter M. Judson

JudsonProfessor of 19th and 20th Century History



Fields of research

  • Central, Eastern, and South-eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Comparative empire
  • European nationalism, borderlands, fascism
  • Histories of sexuality and gender

Current research projects

Professor Judson’s current research seeks to revise the ways in which we understand the history of Central and Eastern Europe in three specific ways. First, he seeks to remove the nation and the self-described nation-state as normative lenses for understanding European state building practices and Europeans’ social and cultural commitments in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Secondly, his work seeks de-pathologize the history of Central and Eastern Europe by placing the histories of these regions firmly in a broadly comparative European context. Thirdly, he investigates how self-described empires and nation states in the region developed fundamentally imperial practices of rule, how such imperial practices developed and were refined thanks to transnational and global connections. This research resulted in Judson’s book The Habsburg Empire. A New History (Harvard University Press 2016), which is currently being translated into eleven languages. With Professor Mark Cornwall (Southampton) Professor Judson is co-editing The Cambridge History of the Habsburg Monarchy 1790-1918, an international project that involves thirty authors from Europe and the United States. In addition Judson is collaborating with Tara Zahra (Chicago) on a domestic history of Austria-Hungary during the First World War for Oxford University Press. His next projects seek to explore the global imperial visions and designs developed in mid-19th century imperial Austrian society. As part of his interest in gender and sexuality studies, Professor Judson is also investigating a case of female-to-male sex change in fin-de-siècle Vienna.


English, German, French, Czech, Dutch, Italian


Office hours: Wednesdays, 10:00-12:30. For appointments please contact the Administrative Assistant: Francesca Parenti

  • Postal address: 
    Department of History and Civilization 
    Via Bolognese 156
    50139 Florence - Italy

Office SACA204 at Villa Salviati, Castello

Current seminars at the EUI

Selected recent publications

  • "The Habsburg Empire: A New History",(Cambridge MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2016)
  • “Nationalism and Indifference” in Habsburg Neu Denken. Vielfalt und Ambivalenz in Zentraleuropa. 30 Kulturwissenschatliche Stichworte (Vienna: Böhlau, 2016), 148-155.
  • “Critical Issues for a History of the Habsburg Monarchy” in East Central Europe (45) 2019, 1-12.
  • “Die globale Bedeutung der österreichischen Geschichte", in Jahrbuch für Mitteleuropäische Studien vol. 2018-19 (2019), 9-18.
  • “The Lost Heroes of Austria’s Fundamental Laws”, in 150 Jahre Staatsgrundgesetz, ed. Franz Merli, Magdalena Pöschl, Ewald Wiederin eds., (Vienna: Verlag Manz, 2018), 1-15. 
  •  “Afterword” in Embers of Empire. Continuity and Rupture in the Habsburg Successor States After 1918, ed., Paul Miller and Claire Morelon (New York, Berghahn, 2019), 318-325. 
  • “Citizenship Without Nation? Political and Social Citizenship in the Habsburg Empire” in Contemporanea. 19th and 20th Century History Review vol. 21/4, 2018, 633-646.
  • “’Wilson versus Lenin’: The New Diplomacy, and Global Echoes of Austria-Hungary’s Dissolution”, in Helmut Rumpler, Ulrike Harmat (eds) Die Habsburgermonarchie 1848-1918 vol. 12, Bewältigte Vergangenheit? Die nationale und international Historiographie zum Untergang der Habsburgermonarchie als ideele Grundlage für die Neuordnung Europas (Vienna: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Verlag, 2018), 386-396.
  • “The Study of the Nineteenth Century in Habsburg Central Europe”, in “The Vanishing Nineteenth Century in European History? A Comparative Exploration”, ed. Karen Hagemann and Simone Lässig, Central European History, December 2018.
  • “War and the Habsburg Monarchy: A Revisionist View” in Intellectuals and the First World War, ed. Tomasz Pudlocki and Kamil Ruszala (Cracow: Jagellonian University Press, 2018), 13-29. 
  • “Die Habsburgermonarchie—Neue Interpretationen” in Jana Osterkamp, ed., Kooperatives Imperium. Politische Zusammenarbeit in der späten Habsburgermonarchie (Göttingen: Vandenhoek and Ruprecht, 2018), 315-324
  • “The border took him: Men and Women of “der Fremde Heimat”" in Sites of Memory, Sites of Border, ed. Borut Klabjan, ed. (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2018), 149-161


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