Research Themes

The Department of Political and Social Sciences specializes in comparative politics, sociology, political and social theory and international relations. 

Research and supervision at the SPS Department focus on major contemporary challenges to the European Union and its member states, such as long term trends in socio-economic inequality, rise in populism, migrant crisis, welfare state transformation, tax reforms, debates on solidarity and identity, religious conflicts and international security.

In this broad-ranging research programme of the Department, there is a common emphasis on integrating leading theories with empirical findings and on developing policy responses to these ongoing social and political developments within Europe at all levels, the national, the sub-national and the transnational.

The core thematic areas and research topics of the Department are:


Read more on research projects and interest at the SPS department on each professor’s webpage.

In our research and supervision we encourage the combination of quantitative and qualitative methods through an appropriate research design.

We also welcome applications to our Doctoral program that do not fall exactly within our core thematic areas. In this respect prospective applicants can also consider professors and program directors at the RSC as possible “associate supervisors” at the SPS department, in areas and topics where we currently have no supervision capacity. 

Page last updated on 12 December 2019

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