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of the Department of Political and Social Sciences

Every year the Department of Political and Social Sciences admits a limited number of scholars from around the world who wish to spend a period of time doing research and taking part in academic activities at the EUI.

Precedence is given to those scholars whose research interests relate directly to work being carried out within the Department and is of particular interest to one or more of the Department’s teaching staff.

The Department does not admit visitors for the sole purpose of following seminars, or during the months of July -August when there are no academic activities.

In general, all visitors must be entirely self-financed or supported by another institution with respect to their expenses. In case of ad hoc calls for funded visits, information will be specified in the dedicated section. The Department does not offer either administrative assistance or cover telephone expenses.

Applicants are requested to check the current research themes of the department, as well as to check whether the library collection would fit their research needs.

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Page last updated on 29/02/2024

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