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Visiting Students 2010-2011



Humboldt-Univ. Berlin

(Erasmus Exchange)

Period of stay: 10 Jan - 24 June 2011

Topic: Europe as a strategy? A comparative analysis of the relationship between the domestic concentration of power and governmental preferences on European integration

Liaison: Adrienne Héritier

ANDRE Virginie 

Monash University, Victoria, Australia

Period of stay: 1 Oct - 31 December, 2010

Topic: "Framing Separatist Terrorism in Thailand, from 1960s-2006: Collision, Collusion, Convergence"

Liaison: Donatella Della Porta & Pascal Vennesson

BILSKA Marketa

Sabanci University, Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey

Period of stay: 10 Jan - 20 Apr 2011

Topic: Effect of Media on Electoral Volatility in New Democracies; Effect of Media on Voter Turnout in European Elections in New Member States

Liaison: Mark Franklin

BOL Damien

Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique

Period of stay: 30 Jan - 7 March 2011

Topic: Politics of Electoral Reform

Liaison: Peter Mair


Complutense Univ., Madrid

Period of stay: 1 Sep 2010 - 28 February, 2011

Topic: "Reconiciliation of Work and Family Life Policies in Spain. An Interpretation from the Perspective of the Theories of Welfare State Change"

Liaison: Martin Kohli


University of Cambridge, UK

Period of stay : 11 Jan-31 March, 2011

Topic: 'Elite political debates on immigration in Europe and the reflection of these debates on immigration policy-making: A comparative analysis of Britain and Italy, 1997-2010'

Liaison: Prof. Rainer Baubock

DAPHI Priska 

Humboldt University, Berlin, Graduate School of Social Sciences 

Period of stay: 1 Mar - 30 June, 2011 

Topic: "Constructing Collective Identity in Transnational Social Movements. The Case of the Global Justice Movement"

Liaison: Donatella Della Porta

FEYEN Benjamin

Heinrich Heine Univ. Düsseldorf

Period of stay: 10 Jan - 30 June, 2010

Topic: The Role of the Euro-skeptical Parties in the Political System of the European Union

Liaison: Peter Mair


University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Period of stay: Sep - Dec 2010

Topic: "Constructing a Common EU Policy vis-à-vis the East: Managing Identity, Norms and Interests in Talk"

Liaison: Friedrich V. Kratochwil

JOHN Stefanie

Ruhr University, Bochum

Period of stay: 1 Sep - 30 November, 2010

Topic: "National Parties in the European Multi-Level System: How Consistent are National Positions with Political Action in the European Parliament"

Liaison: Peter Mair


University of Utrecht

Period of stay: 1 Sep - 30 November, 2010

Topic: "A History of Counter-Terrorism, 1945-2005. Political Violence in Latin America

Liaison: Donatella Della Porta

MALTAIS Alexandre

Institut National de Recherche Scientifique, Montréal, Canada

Period of stay: 15 December 2010 15 June 2011

Topic: From Provision to Distinction: Commercial Revialization Policies in Montreal, Canada. Economic and Urban Sociology, Policy Analaysis, Urban Planning

Liaison: Olivier Roy

MCMAHON Simon Alexander  

King's College, London

Period of stay: 1 April - 30 June, 2011

Topic: "Interrelating Identities' European Migration and Ethnic Relations in Spain and Italy"

Liaison: Rainer Bauböck


Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Period of stay: 20 September, 2010 - 12 April 2011 

Topic: "The Embedded Time Conception in the EU Enlargement Strategy towards Turkey: Time as a Resource of Delay and Anchoring Mechansim" 

Liaison:  Olivier Roy


Univ. Tartu, Estonia

Period of stay: 10 January - 10 July, 2011

Topic:Transmission of Political Humour in Societies under Totalitarian and Authoritarian Regimes in 20th Century Europe

Liaison: Fabrizio Bernardi

SAHIN Zeynep 

Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles

Period of stay: 1 Sep 2010 - 28 Feb, 2011

Topic: "Political Activism among Women in Turkey, 1990-2009"

Liaison: Rainer Bauböck

SOLA Jorge

Univ. Complutense, Madrid

Period of stay: 10 January - 30 June 2011

Topic: The Political Process of Labour market Deregulation: the Spanish case (1984-1997)

Liaison: Pepper Culpepper

SOLSKA Magdalena 

University of Regensburg, Germany

Period of stay: 1 Sep - 30 November, 2010

Topic: "Development of Parties and Party Systems in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Liaison: Alexander Trechsel


The Australian National University

Period of stay: 15 Jan - 30 Jun 2011

Topic: The Relationship between Legal and Ethical Argument in Debates about the Legitimacy of the Use of Force in the Evolving International System

Liaison: Christrian Reus-Smit

THOMAS Kathrin

University of Exeter

Period of stay: Oct 2010 - Feb 2011 

Topic: "Policy Responsiveness in cross-national Perspective (Comparative Electroal Research)

Liaison: Mark Franklin


Univ. Wisconsin-Madison

(Exchange Programme)

Period of stay: 10 Jan - 30 Apr 2011

Topic: International Relations, Internatioanl Organizations, Foreign Policy of the EU, Democratisation, Political Methodology

Liaison:  Pascal Vennesson

WALCZAK Agnieszka

Univ Amsterdam

Period of stay: 10 Jan - 31 May 2011

Topic: Issues, Values, Ideology and Party Choice

Liaison: Mark Franklin


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