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Visiting Students 2018-2019

ARCUDI, Antonio

J. W. Goethe University 

Areas of research: The Normative Force of Conflict: Norm Specification through Processes of Norm Contestation

Period of Stay: Sept - Nov 2018

Liaison: Jennifer Welsh


Leuphana Universit, Lüneburg Germany

Areas of research: Prime Ministers and Democratic Elections. Leader Effects, Personality and Accountability in a Comparative Perspective

Period of Stay: Feb - Apr 2019

Liaison: Hanspeter Kriesi


National University of Political Studies and Public Administration Bucharest

Areas of research: The analysis of the current debates on distributive justice from a feminist perspective.

Period of Stay: Sept 2018 - Mar 2019

Liaison: Andrea Sangiovanni

FONCK, Daan 

KU Leuven, Belgium

Areas of research: The parliamentary diplomacy of the European Parliament and legislativeexecutive relations in EU foreign policy

Period of Stay: Sept - Oct 2018

Liaison: Ulrich Krotz

GALASSINI, Margherita


Area of research: Religious exemptions and the federal state

Period of Stay: Oct 2018 - Mar 2019

Liaison: Andrea Sangiovanni

HANSEN, Tanja Marie

University of Southern Denmark

Areas of research: Revisiting competition as an explanation of low claim rates among terrorist groups

Period of Stay: Sept - Dec 2018

Liaison: Diego Gambetta


London School of Economics

Areas of research: The role of the EEAS in EU foreign policy-making Questioning the institution's autonomy

Period of Stay: May - Nov 2018

Liaison: Ulrich Krotz


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Areas of research: The Effects of Leaders on Coalition Governments

Period of Stay: Jan - Mar 2019

Liaison: Elias Dinas

JUGL, Marlene

Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

Areas of research: Country Size and State Performance

Period of Stay: Feb - Apr 2019

Liaison: Ellen M. Immergut


University of Oxford

Areas of research: Forced war-time displacement and its intergenerational legacy on political behaviour

Period of Stay: Apr - Jun 2019

Liaison: Elias Dinas

LOLI, Miranda

J.W.Goethe Universität, Frankfurt

Areas of research: Anti-corruption missions and where to find them: A study of two EU governance missions with an anticorruption mandate

Period of Stay: Sept - Dec 2018

Liaison: Philipp Genschel

LOSCHERT, Franziska

Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

Areas of research: Economic interests and Public Politicisation: Preference formation of EU member states regarding EU labour migration policies

Period of Stay: Feb - May 2019

Liaison: Andrew Geddes (RSCAS, Migration Policy Center)

LUTZ, Philipp

University of Bern

Areas of research: Inside the Migration State: The Quest for Democratic Legitimacy

Period of Stay: Sept 2018 - Feb 2019

Liaison: Elias Dinas


University Wisconsin-Madison, USA (Exchange student)

Areas of research: Women and Politics, Political Parties, Religion and Politics, Social Movements, Latin American Politics

Period of Stay: Sept 2018 - June 2019

Liaison: Ellen M. Immergut


University of Melbourne

Areas of research: Governance and Conceptualisations of Responsibility in German Asylum Policy: A Constructivist Analysis

Period of Stay: Sept - Dec 2018

Liaison: Andrew Geddes (RSCAS, Migration Policy Center)


University of Oslo

Areas of research: Prejudice in adolescence. Propagation and explanations

Period of Stay: Feb - May 2019

Liaison: Fabrizio Bernardi

TAYLOR, Alexander

University of Cambridge

Areas of research: The Politics of Disconnection: An Ethnography of Dead Zones in Digital Europe

Period of Stay: Jan - Jul 2019

Liaison: Ulrich Krotz


Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences

Areas of research: Who gets how much, when, and why? The local allocation of EU regional funds in Polish and Italian regions

Period of Stay: Oct - Dec 2018 

Liaison: Dorothee Bohle

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