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Launch of the Bank Board Academy

 Bank Academy Crop

On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the Florence School of Banking and Finance is launching a new initiative entitled ‘Bank Board Academy for Non-Executive Directors’.

Non-Executive Directors are independent experts sitting in bank management bodies as key actors to ensure effective oversight of banks' management. They oversee a fast-changing and complex banking environment, including new technologies and emerging non-financial risks.

In this context, the Bank Board Academy will help them gain further knowledge and practical skills, sharpen their critical thinking in order to carry out their duties and responsibilities, and develop better tools to challenge bank management. This initiative aims to foster a community and assist its members to better address the growing challenges observed after the recent financial crises and associated regulatory reforms.

The Bank Board Academy is comprised of a series of online seminars called ‘Challenges for Bank Board Members’, and includes a specific training programme.

The seminars take place approximately once a month, with free attendance upon registration. The training programme, for which fees apply, develops in two parts. The first one, focused on ‘Better Check and Control of Risks’ will take place in June 2021 (online) and the second one, focused on ‘Better Quality and Better Governance’ in October 2021 (residential, to-be-confirmed).

The distinctive features of the Bank Board Academy lie in its ambition to reinforce board members' knowledge and know-how. Distinguished speakers and instructors include industry regulators, supervisors, and academics from European and international institutions in additional bank and finance professionals from the private sector.

More information on the next online seminars and registration for the trainings is available on the website of the Florence School of Banking and Finance

Page last updated on 12 March 2021

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