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Maarten Vink appointed as Chair in Citizenship Studies

 Maarten Vink 3Maarten Vink has been appointed to the Chair in Citizenship Studies at the Robert Schuman Centre from 1 September 2020. He will succeed Rainer Bauböck as Director of the ‘Global Citizenship’ research area within the Global Governance Programme (GGP). Maarten will be on special leave from Maastricht University where he is Professor of Political Science with a focus on Political Sociology.

The Global Citizenship research area at the GGP explores core questions of democracy by studying how states determine (and should determine) who their citizens are and how citizenship laws and practices have evolved in an increasingly global world. Within this area, the Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT) publishes databases, national and comparative reports, indicators and debates on citizenship status and electoral rights. It relies on a large international network of academic experts who write country reports, collect legal documents and provide input for comparative databases. Maarten will consolidate and further develop the Global Citizenship Observatory’s databases and related research together with co-directors Rainer Bauböck, Jelena Dzankic and Jo Shaw.

Maarten Vink obtained his PhD in Political Science at Leiden University in 2003. He has worked at Maastricht University since 2004, where he is founding Co-Director of the Maastricht Center for Citizenship, Migration and Development (MACIMIDE). He currently leads the research project ‘Migrant Life Course and Legal Status Transition (MiLifeStatus)’ funded by a Consolidator Grant of the European Research Council (2016-2021). Maarten was previously a Willy Brandt Guest Professor at the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM) at Malmö University (2017-2018) and a Part-Time Professor (2011-2016) at the Schuman Centre. He was an FCT Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal (2007-2010) and a Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI (2003-2004).

More information on Maarten’s personal profile page at Maastricht University.


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