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Mountain or Molehill? A Critical appraisal of the Commission White Paper on Governance



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C. Joerges/ Y. Mény/ J.H.H. Weiler (eds.)

On this website we published comments on the European Commission's White Paper on Governance in the EU which is publicly accessible in all the official languages. With our initiative we hope to contribute to an intensive wide debate on the institutional reforms and reforms of governance practices the White Paper suggests or addresses.



Fritz W. Scharpf (Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne):

European Governance: Common Concerns vs. the Challenge of Diversity [ pdf ]



Mario Telò (Brussels):

"Combiner les instruments politiques en vue d'une gestion dynamique des diversités nationales" [ pdf ]



Paul Magnette (Université libre de Bruxelles):

"European Governance and Civic Participation: Can the European Union be politicised?" [ pdf ]



Neil Walker (EUI, Florence):

"The White Paper in Constitutional Context" [ pdf ]



Christoph Möllers (Heidelberg):

"Policy, Politics oder Politische Theorie?" [ pdf German ]


"Policy, Politics or Political Theory?" [ pdf English ]


Erik O. Eriksen (ARENA, Oslo):

"Governance or Democracy? The White Paper on European Governance" [ pdf ]



Adrienne Héritier (Max-Planck-Projectgroup on Common Goods, Bonn):

"The White Paper on European Governance: A Response to Shifting Weights in Interinstitutional Decision-Making" [ pdf ]



Philippe Schmitter (EUI, Florence):

"What is there to legitimize in the European Union ... And how might this be accomplished?" [ pdf ]



David M. Trubek (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and James Mosher (Ohio University):

"New Governance, EU Employment Policy, and the European Social Model" [ pdf ]



Kenneth A. Amstrong (New York University School of Law):

"Civil Society and the White Paper - Bridging or Jumping the Gaps?" [ pdf ]



Christian Joerges (EUI, Florence):

"Ökonomisches Gesetz" - "Technische Realisation" - "Stunde der Exekutive": Rechtshistorische Anmerkungen zum Weißbuch der Kommission über Regieren in Europa - KOM(2001) 428 v. 25.7.2001 -" [  pdf German ]


"Economic order" - "Technical realization" - "the hour of the executive": some legal historical observations on the Commission White Paper on European governance" [ pdf English ]



Deirdre Curtin:

"The Commission as Sorcerer's Apprentice? Reflections on EU Public Administration and the Role of Information Technology in Holding Bureaucracy Accountable" [ pdf ]



Jo Shaw:

"European Union governance and the question of gender: a critical comment" [ pdf



Philipp Steinberg:

"Governance und Parteien - Politisierung als Möglichkeit größerer bürgerschaftlicher Identifikation ein Kommentar zum Weißbuch Europäisches Regieren" [ pdf Geman ]


"Agencies, Co-Regulation and Comitology - and what about politics ? a critical appraisal of the Commission's White Paper on Governance" [ pdf English ]



Beate Kohler-Koch:

"The Commission White Paper and the Improvement of European Governance" [ pdf ]



Marlene Wind:

"The Commission White Paper Bridging the Gap between the Governed and the Governing?" [ pdf ]


Neil MacCormick:

"A Comment on the Governance Paper" [ pdf ]



J.H.H. Weiler:

"The Commission as Euro-sceptic: A Task-Oriented Commission for a Project-Based Union. A Comment on the First Version of the White Paper" [ pdf ]


Alberta M. Sbragia:

"The Dilemma of Governance with Government" [ pdf ]


Related aspects

The European Commission here presents its White Paper on European Governance to the wider public. The Paper contains a set of recommendations on how to enhance democracy in Europe and increase the legitimacy of the institutions. The main recommendations of the White Paper are based on twelve reports, two studies and intense consultation of European, national and regional actors, as well as academics and European citizens (the Report on Consultation).


Report on the Governance of the European Union and the Future of Europe: What Role for Scotland? by Scottish Parliament's European Committee


Christian Joerges, Karl-Heinz Ladeur, Jacques Ziller, with the assistance of Larisa Dragomir (eds.):

Governance in the European Union and the Commission White Paper

, EUI Working Paper LAW 2002/08



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