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The Mediterranean Programme Seminar Series

Organised by Prof. Olivier Roy

Programme Secretary: Mia Saugman



Between Europe and the Middle East, the Mediterranean political and cultural space has witnessed dramatic attempts by state and non-state actors struggling to define their respective boundaries and establish viable collective identities. The frequent failure of these attempts has had a long-lasting impact on regional, national and urban projects of political determination, religious movements and place-making. Faced with the challenges of EU expansion towards the East and the emergence of new coalitions with the Southern Mediterranean, local polities witness not only a rapid change of their social fabric, but also a deepening class polarization and communal fragmentation, which ultimately produce new forms of political violence perpetrated by emerging and volatile groups. The Mediterranean Seminar at the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies seeks to address the dialectic processes that have shaped the region from a theoretically informed, historical and comparative perspective. Bringing together doctoral researchers, post-doctoral fellows and resident scholars at EUI this monthly forum investigates a broad spectrum of topics ranging from macro-processes such as transnational migration, religious revival and regional differentiation to more local processes such as electoral politics and urban restructuring. 


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