Loyola dePalacio Energy Policy Programme

The newly established Loyola de Palacio Energy Policy Programme, created in the honour of Loyola de Palacio who, as Commissioner, played such a crucial role in the field of energy policy will promote much needed research in this area, mustering academic knowledge and analytical skills in all the social sciences so well represented at the EUI.

The Programme will focus on the connected fields of energy economics, energy law, energy regulation, energy geo-politics, energy sources, public opinion acceptability of energy policies; the EU Energy Regulation, energy and environment; liberalisation and security of supply, the EU emission Trading Scheme, incentive-based regulation in the energy sector, institutional setting, market power, retail competition, network investments for the internal energy market.

Its objectives are to produce analytical studies; to promote informed discussion of key issues; to provide state-of-the-art training for practitioners. The Programme will engage expertise from across the range of relevant academic disciplines and promote dialogue across the range of stakeholders, practitioners and decision-makers.

The Loyola de Palacio Energy Programme is funded by the contributions from sponsoring companies and is directed by Jean-Michel Glachant. 



Efficiency, Competition and Long Term Contracts
in Electricity Markets

Organized by LARSEN & the Loyola de Palacio Programme. 
15-16 January 2009




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