Sites of Economic History (HEC-RS-SITECO-21)


Department HEC
Course category HEC Research Seminar
Course type Seminar
Academic year 2021-2022
Credits 1 (EUI History seminars)
Contact Uhlirova, Veronika
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04/10/2021 18:00-20:00 @ BTC104

13/10/2021 18:00-20:00 @ BTC104

18/10/2021 18:00-20:00 @ BTC104

27/10/2021 18:00-20:00 @ BTC104

04/11/2021 17:00-19:00 @ Sala del Consiglio, Villa Salviati

10/11/2021 18:00-20:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

15/11/2021 18:00-20:00 @ BTC104

22/11/2021 18:00-20:00 @ BTC104

29/11/2021 18:00-20:00 @ BTC104

03/12/2021 17:00-19:00 @ Sala del Consiglio, Villa Salviati


This seminar examines the evolution of the world economy from the early modern history to the present. It seeks to understand the global economy and the politics of international economic relations through the history of economic institutions and business organizations. To pursue these goals, the seminar combines several theoretical and empirical methods and historical narratives. The series is divided into four thematic blocks (1. The State; 2. The Firm; 3. The Law; 4. The Environment) preceded by an introduction and followed by a concluding meeting. In each block, the first week is a broad discussion, while the second week will be dedicated to more specific topics and will involve a guest speaker. Researchers are also encouraged to attend the Summer Talks Series “Connected Histories of Capitalism” in September to get acquainted with the latest research in economic history on connected sites of capitalism. Central topics include the historicization of economic globalization, the relation between capitalism and colonialism, the ethics of inequality, the problem of norms in the twentieth-century social sciences, and the relationship between the market economy and democratic structures of governance. Researchers are expected to take an active part in the seminar discussion based on the readings for each session. In addition, sessions will be introduced by a brief presentation of the readings by one or two participants in the seminar.

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