Knowing EU Law (LAW-DS-KEULAW-21)


Department LAW
Course category LAW Intensive Seminar - 3 credits
Course type Seminar
Academic year 2021-2022
Credits 3 (EUI Law credits)
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16/11/2021 10:00-13:00 @ Sala del Consiglio, Villa Salviati

23/11/2021 10:00-13:00 @ Sala del Consiglio, Villa Salviati

30/11/2021 10:00-13:00 @ Sala del Consiglio, Villa Salviati


The seminar addresses the question what it means to have knowledge of EU law. It examines the epistemic and ontological assumptions underlying truth-claims made in the scholarly debates on EU law. During this seminar, we will consider the different kinds of knowledge claims that scholars make with regard to EU law (eg positivist, economic, empirical, normative, critical, historical, comparative) and will enquire how these diverse claims are epistemically grounded (what their truth conditions are). We will also explore how various understandings of the nature of the EU relate to these different kinds of truth claims concerning EU law. Finally, we will reflect upon the extent to which these various types of truth claims, and their underlying epistemic and ontological assumptions, are mutually compatible.  Register for this course

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