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An Introduction to Social Europe (LAW-RS-SOCEU-23)


Department LAW
Course category LAW Seminar - 3 credits
Course type Course
Academic year 2023-2024
Credits 3 (EUI Law credits)
  • Perrine Carré (PHD researcher) Susi Forderer (PHD researcher) Maria Kotsoni (PHD researcher) Clara Muller (PHD researcher) Katerina Orfanidi (PHD researcher) Flips Schöyen (PHD researcher)
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26/02/2024 14:00-17:30 @ Sala dei Cuoi

04/03/2024 14:00-17:00 @ Sala dei Cuoi

14/03/2024 9:00-12:00 @ Sala dei Cuoi


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First and second year researchers as well as LLM researchers can gain 3 credits by attending one of the researcher-taught seminars in each academic year; they can also register for and attend further researcher-taught seminars without gaining credits.

The proposed seminar deals with underexplored areas of Social Europe, going beyond topics lawyers traditionally focus on in their analyses of Social Europe. The seminar searches for the idea of Social Europe within the tensions between "the Economic” and “the Social” in the European construct. The first session provides an introduction to the idea of Social Europe, with a particular focus on the role of EU citizenship. We will then look into different EU law areas and institutional practices to assess their potential (and pitfalls) in realising the social dimension of the European project: namely, EU disability law, EU cohesion policy, the role of social partners and the enforcement of EU labour law. We end the seminar with a final discussion session in which we identify common - and contrasting - trends in the examined four topics, with the aim to develop a more nuanced and complete understanding of Social Europe.

1. Introducing Social Europe: legal foundations, (im)balances between ‘the Market and ‘the Social’ in the EU
2. EU Disability Law
3. European Social Dialogue, European Social Partners, and the making of social law in the EU
4. EU cohesion policy and Social Europe
5. Enforcement of EU labour norms

First, Second & Third Term: registration from 25 to 28 September

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