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The Crisis Seminar (STG-MA-M5-CRS23)


Department STG
Course category 2nd Year
Course type Course
Academic year 2023-2024
Term 1ST SEM
Credits 5 (European Credits (EC))
Contact Francioni, Cino
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This 2nd-year course will focus on important crises that have marked the last two decades: the Global Financial Crisis; the Greek crisis; the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis; and the Covid-19 crisis. All of these have a clear transnational character: even in situations where they have initially involved decisions at the national level, they are characterised by high "policy spillovers", with economic and political impacts crossing borders, necessitating policy coordination on a regional or global scale.

While the starting point in each case will be the economic dimension of each crisis, the approach will blend economic analysis with political and social considerations, accountability and democratic legitimacy concerns, while also addressing issues relating to institutional and administrative aspects on a national and transnational level for crisis response.

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