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Non-State Forms of Transnational Governance - Leadership and Policy Dilemmas (STG-MA-M5-NSF23)


Department STG
Course category 2nd Year
Course type Course
Academic year 2023-2024
Term 1ST SEM
Credits 5 (European Credits (EC))
Contact Francioni, Cino
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The power of private transnational organisations is one of the main modes of expression of transnational governance. Non-state controlled transnational institutions regulate collective behavior in several diverse ways: they devise standards, adopt norms and form clubs and networks. In exercise that private transnational governance role they often interact with states — sometimes from a considerably stronger position. A position that allows them, in many instances, to be exempt from public oversight and regulation. Understanding this evolution, its specific dynamics and important cases is crucial to complementing the picture of how transnational governance works and the challenges it raises beyond the states. Particular focus will be on two areas that highlight the challenges brough by non-state forms of transnational governance: big tech and sports.

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