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Policy Evaluation- Praxis and Politics (STG-MA-M5-PEV23)


Department STG
Course category 2nd Year
Course type Seminar
Academic year 2023-2024
Term 1ST SEM
Credits 5 (European Credits (EC))
Contact Francioni, Cino
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¿¿The first goal of this course is to offer insight into the methodological skills for expert, independent and responsible evaluation of public policies. The second goal is to improve understanding of the usefulness of evaluation for the amelioration of the governance in contemporary political systems, by means of understanding mistakes and failures (through group work of case studies) in order to positively affect accountability and policy learning. Third, the course will investigate some criticisms and scepticism towards  professional evaluation of public policies coming from both policy-takers and policy-makers.

Finally, an important objective is to facilitate interaction of students and faculty from all three partner institutions. 


This course develops an original perspective on policy evaluation by combining a presentation of the key methods and required skills needed to be a good evaluator with a reflection on the politics and institutional organization of evaluation.  Practicing policy evaluation requires a certain set of skills, which are not only methodological, but also include the capacity to reflect on values, to identify stakeholders and organize their participation to favour evaluation use. But the practice of evaluation can also be enriched by reflexivity on its political and institutional dimensions: who conducts evaluations?  What are the political stakes underpinning evaluation practices?  How is evaluation institutionalized in different contexts?  Combining inputs from policy evaluation and policy analysis, this course thus reflects both on the practice and politics of evaluation. This CIVICA joint course brings together students from CEU, EUI and Sciences Po.  Thanks to the combination of in-depth research content and professionalization components, the course will be of interest to students interested in working in the field of policy evaluation in the public or the private sector as well as to more fundamental research-oriented students.

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