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National Funding Opportunities Open to International Researchers

First MWP-ACO Workshop
San Domenico di Fiesole, 11 February 2009

Research funding opportunities for young researchers are opening up across countries and disciplines. While this is a positive development, especially in the light of a growing demand for such opportunities, the multiplication of grant and scholarship schemes has generated confusion or, at best, the need to have better information.

In particular, for internationally mobile academics the crucial question is to get a better sense of the openness of these programmes to non-national competitors, the rules that govern application procedures, and what the programmes are really about in terms of workload, expectations and outcomes.

The MWP/ACO workshop on research funding opportunities in the Social Sciences and Humanities tried to clarify these questions by bringing together experts coming from selected countries and institutions who will provide Max Weber Fellows and other members of the EUI community with up-to-date and invaluable information on relevant national research schemes in countries such as the US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

Information provided by the speakers included: application and evaluation procedures, statistics related to the allocation of grants, etc. After the presentations, individual consultations with the speakers took place.

Please scroll down the page and click on the following links to view the presentations (all .pdf) made by the workshop speakers and access information on programmes on which the presentations focused more as they are relevant for international researchers.



Denmark, Lars Christensen (Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation)

Italy, Ida Nostro (Italian Ministry for University and Research)

France, Diane Roman (French National Research Agency)

Germany, Christiane Schmekel (German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD)

Netherlands, Jeroen Sparla (Academic Transfer)

Spain, David Sayago (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)

United Kingdom, Scott Court (Economic and Social Research Council)

United States, Frank Scioli (National Science Foundation)

Central and Eastern Europe, Oleksandr Shtokvych (Higher Education Support Programme, Open Society Institute)

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