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Max Weber Programme Activities at a Glance

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Access the MWP Academic Calendar of Activities via Web

Alternatively you can access/import the calendar from any device and/or client supporting the iCalendar (.ics).

To import the I-Calendar into your device please follow the instructions below:1- Login on to your Webmail2- Open the Calendar tab by clicking on the Calendar icon on the top left3- Click on “Add calendar” and select “Subscribe from web”’4- Paste the following link[email protected]/e3655901000043a7afc7fc74147a30bf17363478618796458695/calendar.ics, rename your calendar and click on “Import”The newly added calendar will now be listed under the Other calendars section in the left menu. You can show or hide it by ticking the tickbox next to it.

On the top right you can change among different "views" like merged or split view, besides the classic daily, weekly (full or only work) and monthly.

If you need assistance on how to import the calendar into your device, please contact the EUI Helpdesk (ICT Service).

Page last updated on 13/10/2023

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