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Career Comparisons

Comparing key aspects of  the academic career to obtain a clearer view of the differences and similarities between countries and across disciplines


There can be marked cross-country differences in how much universities pay. The main criteria refer to seniority and academic productivity. This page gives comparative data on salaries for different academic position. Contact us if you have comments or more updated information.


Scholars in different systems  progress at different speeds along their academic career tracks. This page gives some comparative data which, for example, can give you an idea of where you can be expected to be in terms of education and career progress depending on the country in which you (want to) study and/or work.


The position of women in academia are is not always an easy one. In some disciplines, especially in the social sciences and humanities, there may be a good number of female scholars, but there are still barriers that hinder their academic career. This page deals with this and other issues.

Page last updated on 24 August 2018

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