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Careers by Discipline

Academic careers differ  between countries, and across disciplines. See the following pages for info on your discipline



Academic careers in economics tend to be more structured and organised than other disciplines. The existance of international job markets and agreed criteria as to the quality of academic work helps young researchers get a clear picture of the steps to be undertaken in order to start and progress along the academic career in this discipline.    


Pursuing an international career in history presents some specific challenges. Academic markets in this discipline are still very much national and segmented according to the field of specialisation. This page helps you to spot opportunities while at the same time elaborating on the specific features of an academic career in history. 


Becoming an academic may not be the first option for young lawyers. Even legal scholars often maintain their practitioner activity. Seen in an international perspective, an academic career in law will require researchers to adjust to the specificities, including language, of different national systems.

Political and Social Sciences

There are an increasing number of opportunities in the academic, and non academic, market for political and social scientists . By linking to this page, you will get to know more about different features and options available in this market.



Page last updated on 02 October 2017

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