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Max Weber Lectures


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The monthly Max Weber Lectures are given by distinguished scholars from the four disciplines of the EUI. The Programme aims at inviting scholars who address topical issues from an interdisciplinary perspective that will appeal to the EUI academic community as a whole.

At least one of the Lecturers will be related to each of the Thematic Research Groups (TRG), and every Group will have an opportunity to organize a master class on the following day with the relevant Lecturer. All Lecturers will also be available to discuss the work of Fellows on an informal basis.

Unless otherwise stated the lectures are at 17.00, the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the EUI main building, the Badia Fiesolana, and are followed by a cocktail.

For further information about individual Max Weber Lectures, please contact Karin Tilmans.   


Upcoming Lecture

Rachel Kranton (Duke University)
“Deconstructing Group Bias: Groupy vs. Non-groupy social preferences"

14 March 2018, 17:00-18:30
Badia, Refettorio

Chair: Seetha Menon (MWF-ECO)
Introduction: Andrea Galeotti (ECO Professor)




Max Weber Lectures 2017-2018

    • Wednesday  11 October 2017
      Wolfgang Schoen (Director, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance)
    • 'Taxation and Democracy'
    • Thematic Group: Diversity and Unity 
    • Wednesday  13 December 2017 –
      Odd Arne Westad (S.T. Lee Professor of U.S.-Asia Relations, Harvard Kennedy School)
      'The Cold War: A World History'
      Thematic Group: Europe and the World 
    • Wednesday  17 January 2018 –
      Jan-Werner Mueller (Professor, Department of Politics – Princeton University)
      'After Populism'
      Thematic Group: Legal, Political and Social Theory
    • Wednesday  14 March 2018
      Rachel Kranton (Professor of Economics – Duke University)
      “Deconstructing Group Bias: Groupy vs. Non-groupy social preferences"
      Thematic Group: IEELM
    • Wednesday  18 April 2018
      Alex Aleinikoff (Director of the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, The New School for Social Research, New York)
      Thematic Group: Citizenship and Migration
    • Wednesday  16 May 2018
      Debra Satz (Professor of Ethics in Society, Philosophy and Political Science, Stanford University)
      Thematic Group: Legal, Political and Social Theory 


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