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Max Weber Lectures

The monthly Max Weber Lectures are given by distinguished scholars from the four disciplines of the EUI. The Programme aims at inviting scholars who address topical issues from an interdisciplinary perspective that will appeal to the EUI academic community as a whole.

At least one of the Lecturers will be related to each of the Interdisciplinary Research Clusters (IRC), and every cluster will have an opportunity to organize a master class on the following day with the relevant Lecturer. All Lecturers will also be available to discuss the work of Fellows on an informal basis.

The lectures are usually at 17.00, the 1st Wednesday of the month in the Refettorio, the Badia Fiesolana, and are followed by a cocktail. 

Please note that dates are subject to change. 



Next MW Lecture:

"Freedom at the End of History"


Lea Ypi
(London School of Economics)

Introduction and Chair: Benjamin Mueser (MW Fellow, SPS)

Refettorio (Badia), 17.00-18.30


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Max Weber Lectures 2021-2022 at a glance

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