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Max Weber Fellows Testimonials

The Max Weber Programme has always been much more than the sum of its components and that’s thanks to the many talented, rounded, quick-witted, and often larger than life characters it sets the stage for.  With Florence and the Tuscan hills providing the setting, it doesn’t take one too long to build many genuine friendships.

Michael RousakisMichalis Rousakis, Career Development Fellow in Economics,
Merton College, University of Oxford, ECO Max Weber Fellow 2012-2014


The MWP created an exceptional interdisciplinary intellectual environment that allowed me to build bridges with sociologists, economists and jurists, enriching my own perspective as a historian. I was lucky to be part of an extraordinary cohort of historians, from whom I learned a great deal. Finally, I was impressed by the commitment to collegiality within the MWP ‒ an intangible but critical foundation to life in research.

Simon JacksonSimon Jackson, Assistant Professor in Modern Middle Eastern History, 
University of Birmingham, HEC Max Weber Fellow 2012-2013


The Max Weber Programme provides a unique opportunity to meet fellow scholars from other disciplines and see how things are done in different academic cultures. The Programme itself and the many seminars and events organized at the EUI provide ample room to explore new ideas and work together with other Fellows and colleagues from the EUI’s departments. I was able to learn a lot, read a lot and write a lot – and of course I got to enjoy the beautiful setting in the hills of Fiesole and Florentine ice cream!

DeVriesKarin DeVries, Assistant Professor VU University, Amsterdam,
LAW Max Weber Fellow 2011-2012


The Max Weber Programme is a wonderfully unique institution in academia. Where else will you find a team whose only job is to help you be successful? Sure, your departments have an interest in that when you are a graduate student and when you are faculty. But that is not their mission, or primary goal. You have plenty of colleagues to think with (a rarity, in postdoctoral programmes in the Social Sciences), and when the thoughts are down on paper, a professional team of language specialists to make sure your argument is as effective as it can be.

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of all this. 

GattaGiunia Gatta, Adjunct Professor, Bocconi University, SPS Max Weber Fellow 2009-2011


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