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States, societies and crises across time and space


 12th Max Weber Fellows June Conference
Badia,13-15 June 2018


Keynote Lecturers:

Michael Ignatieff (Central European University), Jürgen Osterhammel (University of Konstanz), 


Each year, the Max Weber June Conference presents an opportunity to enhance academic exchange and collaboration between different generations of fellows.

At a time of perceived global upheaval and crisis, we seek to bring together an eclectic group of scholars to discuss some of the major transformations that states and societies have undergone across time and space.

The aim is to develop multidisciplinary perspectives on key current, past and likely future challenges faced by local, regional, national and transnational communities. These include, but are not limited to, issues related to income, employment, markets, finance, trade, education, health, mobility, migration, security, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, citizenship, religion, the workplace and the environment. 

Organising Committee:

Per Andersson (MWF SPS), Matthew Canfield (MWF LAW), Alexandra Fotiou (MWF ECO), Vivian Gerrand (MWF RSC), Valentin Jentsch (MWF LAW), Robin Markwica (MWF RSC), Francesco Molteni (MWF ECO), Mishka Sinha (MWF HEC), Cyrille Thiébaut (MWF SPS) and Christos Tsakas (MWF HEC).

Download the programme  (pdf)

Watch Michael Ignatieff concluding Keynote Lecture on line!

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