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6th Graduate Symposium: European Policies in Times of Crisis

Graduate Symposium 2013

James Madison University & Max Weber Programme, EUI

25 March, Villa La Fonte, Conference Room

The EUI’s Max Weber Programme and the James Madison University’s M.A. programme in political science with a concentration in European Union Policy Studies present their 6th Joint Graduate Symposium on European policies.

The symposium aims to establish a platform for JMU masters students to present their work and ideas about the EU in the professional setting of an academic conference. The papers discuss the various policies adopted by the European Union, with an eye toward scrutinizing their effectiveness and analyzing their impact. Overall, they seek to promote better understanding of the ever-evolving EU system of governance.

As two institutions promoting academic excellence, the EUI and JMU will grant an award for the best paper produced for the conference. The award will be given to the paper after its final submission, following the comments of the discussants and the Q&A session at the symposium, and further eleaboration in agreement with the JMU professors. The scientific committee is comprised of JMU Professors Jonathan Bright, Luigi Marattin, Aidan Regan and Chiara Steindler. The award will be announced at the JMU Commencement Ceremony on June 21.

Programme (pdf)


Keynote Lecture by Prof. Valeria Fargion, University of Florence


"The European Union in Africa: Discourse and Policy Practice"


Over the last fifteen years, the EU multiplied its commitments to promote social objectives globally. The presentation will first provide an overview of how the EU progressively incorporated a variety of social elements into the image it is trying to convey in the international arena and will shed light on the effective ranking of social policy concerns within foreign policy priorities. To test the credibility of the EU as a global social policy actor, the second part of the presentation looks into what the EU has actually been doing on the ground. Considering the EU engaged in a major overhauling of its development policies in 2005, based on a clear prioritization of the Millennium Development Goals with a special focus on Africa, evidence will be provided on EU’s development policies in Sub-Saharan countries – notably among the poorest and most deprived areas of the planet. The final part will elaborate on the opportunity to refocus EU’s development co-operation in Africa in order to increase the effectiveness of its action while at the same time improving EU’s political leverage and its current image in the eyes of the African citizenry at large. (Download abstract in pdf)




Aidan Regan, MWP
Caterina Paolucci, JMU 

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