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The European Union and the Challenges of Globalizing Politics and Economics


7th JMU-MWP Symposium: "The European Union and the Challenges of Globalizing Politics and Economics"

11 April 2014 

Badia Fiesolana, MWP Common Room


The EUI’s Max Weber Programme and the James Madison University’s M.A. programme in European Union Policy Studies present their 7th Joint Graduate Symposium. The symposium aims to establish a platform for JMU’s MA students to present their work and ideas about the EU in the professional setting of an academic conference. The papers discuss the various policies adopted by the European Union, with an eye toward scrutinizing their effectiveness and analyzing their impact. Overall, they seek to promote better understanding of the ever-evolving EU system of governance.

As two institutions promoting academic excellence, the EUI and JMU will grant an award for the best paper produced for the conference. The award will be given to the paper after its final submission, following the comments of the discussants and the Q&A session at the symposium, and further elaboration in agreement with the JMU professors. The scientific committee is comprised of JMU Professors Besir Ceka, Evangelia Koundouraki, Tamara Popic and Chiara Steindler. The award will be announced at the JMU Commencement Ceremony on June 20.

Keynote Lecture: "Citizenship with a Price Tag?" by Jelena Džankic, Marie Curie Fellow, European University Institute

Conference programme (PDF)  

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