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Social Issues for Social Sciences Conference


8th Max Weber Fellows'
June Conference

11-13 June 2014

Badia Fiesolana

San Domenico di Fiesole 




The 2014 June conference of the Max Weber Programme will bring past and present Fellows together in the Badia, in these new premises for the first time. The conference is meant to provide a perspective of the ‘Max Weber Fellows' contributions to Social Sciences and Humanities’ in research and academia. It will also be a forum to foster cross-disciplinary and inter-cohort academic collaboration.

11 June:  9:00-19:00
12 June:  9:00-17:00
13 June: 10:00-12:00

Organizing Committee: Phillip Ayoub (SPS), Thomas Beukers (LAW), Thibaud Boncourt (SPS), Charles Brendon (ECO),Pablo Kalmanovitz (LAW), Anne McGinness (HEC), Valerie McGuire (HEC), Brandon Restrepo (ECO).

Programme (pdf)

All welcome to attend - please register online

Keynote Lecture by Sarah A. Soule, Stanford University, 11 June 2014, 17:00-19:00 (Refettorio)

Protest Event Data: New Techniques for a Time-Honoured Data Source


A methodological staple for sociologists and political scientists interested in the study of social movements and contentious politics is protest event data. These data are typically gleaned from various media sources, and researchers content code media accounts for basic information about protest events, to create large databases (often referred to as event catalogs). These data are then coupled with various other large datasets to make arguments about the causes and consequences of protest and contentious politics.  Over time, scholars have grown increasingly sophisticated in the use of these data in quantitative research. This talk will describe several historical trends in the quantitative analysis of protest data, emphasizing current research that has made leaps and bounds because of both the increasing availability of protest event data, and the diffusion of computationally intensive techniques of analysis. 

The session will be chaired by MWF Phillip Ayoub.

Download abstract in pdf

All welcome to attend - please register online


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