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Academic Careers in the Social Sciences: Entry, Competition and Advancement

Fellows ACO Conference

7th Max Weber Programme / Academic Careers Observatory Conference

San Domenico di Fiesole, Villa la Fonte, 28 November 2012

The conference aims to assess the process of career progression across EU and a selection of other countries. It will examine opportunities and obstacles to academic career development in a selection of countries.

The first section of the conference will address two key questions; is the traditional tenure-track model of academic career development still relevant and what are the obstacles to career progression in different countries? Secondly, have austerity measures in education exacerbated the ‘brain drain’ effect in universities?

The second section of the conference will flesh out these academic considerations with discussions from those in academic careers across different countries. There will be a structured discussion of career advancement across the various disciplines with a concluding roundtable debate on comparisons or contrasts between different experiences in different countries.

For further information and registration email [email protected]

Programme & Speakers

Conference Report

Organizers: Alanna O'Malley, ACO/MWP, Ramon Marimon, MWP 

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