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A Time for Anxiety?

 14th June Conference POSTER 

14th Max Weber Fellows June Conference

18-19 June 2020, Online


Organizing CommitteeAnca Cretu (HEC), Julie Deschepper (HEC), Sebastian Diessner (RSCAS), Nils Grevenbrock (ECO), Mateusz Grochowski (LAW), Ian Hathaway (HEC), Viola Müller (HEC), Tamara Popic (SPS), Alessandro Spiganti (ECO), Giacomo Tagiuri (LAW), Eva Zschirnt (SPS)



‘May you live in interesting times’ warns an apocryphal Chinese saying, sometimes used in English as a curse, which was selected as the title for last year's Venice Biennale. It may indeed be wiser to desire to live in uninteresting times, when peace, stability, and prosperity abound. Interesting times are, instead, moments of rapid change, rich in opportunity but also characterized by the displacement of traditions, institutions, and forms of living, which often result in growing inequality and conflict. These moments are, in the minds of many, times for anxiety. To grapple with the transitional nature of our own contemporary world, the 14th Max Weber Conference would like to encourage a responsible scholarly reflection on the turbulent political, economic, legal, and historical processes that characterize  ̶  today as in the past  ̶  both real and perceived times for anxiety.

Program (pdf)

Registrations are now open for the Panels of Day 1 and of Day 2.

Please note that the Zoom links will be provided only to registered participants.

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