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Healing and Renewal


15th Max Weber Fellows June Conference

16-18 June 2021

Badia Fiesolana and Online


Organizing CommitteeAline Bertolin (MWF LAW), Wanshu Cong (MWF LAW), Guadalupe Correa Lopera (MWF ECO), Joy Neumeyer (MWF HEC), Marius Ostrowski (MWF RSC), Shubha Prasad (MWF SPS)


The shock and grief of 2020 have prompted a search for healing and renewal. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed and exacerbated inequalities, upended common understandings of time and space, raised doubts about the knowledge of experts, and mobilised reactions from opposite ends of the political spectrum. At the same time, it has highlighted the world’s interdependence, inspired collective approaches to shared problems, and aroused creativity and resilience among individuals and societies. Fear and fatigue are coupled with hope for change. The 15th Max Weber Conference welcomes reflections on political, economic, legal, and historical questions that offer insight into varying forms of recovery and regeneration.

Program (pdf)

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