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6th Max Weber Fellows June Conference

13-14 June 2012, Max Weber Programme, Villa La Fonte, San Domenico di Fiesole

MWP Fellows & Staff 2011-12

The 2012 June conference of the Max Weber Programme is intended to give an overview of the ongoing research of the 2011-2012 Max Weber Fellows.

The conference will provide a perspective of the current Max Weber Fellows' contributions to Social Sciences and Humanities. It is also intended to be a forum to foster cross-disciplinary and inter-cohort academic collaboration, and therefore a select group of former Max Weber Fellows is invited back to Villa la Fonte as discussants.

The Conference is organized by a representative of each discipline-group, being Lei Ji (ECO), Emanuela Grama-Neamtu (HEC), Leonardo Giani (LAW), and Inés Levin (SPS) in collaboration with the MWP Director Ramon Marimon and the MWP Academic Coordinator Karin Tilmans.


All welcome to attend - Please register with Ognjen Aleksic

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