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6th MWP Classics Revisited Conference

The Embeddedness of Markets today: Returning to Polanyi to rethink Development,  Markets & Financial Crisis

2nd May 2012, San Domenico di Fiesole, Villa La Fonte, Conference Room 


Karl Polanyi

In the context of the extended economic crisis in western capitalism that has crowned two decades of economic  growth with worsening income inequality, Karl Polanyi’s work has gained new prominence.

This conference seeks to bring together Max Weber Fellows, EUI faculty, and PhD researchers with leading scholars from around the world in order to critically assess the work of Polanyi and its economic, political, and normative dimensions in the context of contemporary capitalism and its current crisis.

The speakers will assess Polanyi’s historical account of the transition to capitalism, rely on his contributions to reflect on contemporary issues of capitalist development, and theorise about struggles of emancipation that complement his framework. We expect that speakers’ multi-disciplinary origins in law, political science, history and political theory will provide for a lively critical discussion of Polanyi’s framework and help us to understand its contemporary relevance.

Programme (pdf) 

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Nancy Fraser, the New School

Dorothee Bohle, Central European University

Diogo Coutinho, Universidade de Sao Paulo

Gareth Dale, Brunel University

Felicity Heal, University of Oxford

Organizing Committee:

Birgit Apitzsch, Zsofia Barta, Chris Colvin, Daniela Comandè, Eva García-Morán, Sheila Neder Cerezetti, Tomás Rodríguez Barraquer and Inés Valdez, Max Weber Fellows

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